Thursday , July 19th 2018
    Fun for Both of You!

Best Dog Ball Toys

Nearly every dog likes to play with a ball, but which are the best balls for your dog? What are the best dog ball toys for your pet? First determine whether your dog has a a soft mouth, or is a heavy chewer. This will help you decide whether the best ball for your dog is made from a fleecy material or a harder rubber type material.

Dogs love playing with balls

Dogs love playing with balls

Next, decide on squeaker or quiet. Some dogs prefer the sound of a squeaker to chase, but others will simply destroy any toy that makes a noise. Finally, check out any unique features to see if they fit the bill. Examples would be, balls that float, balls that hold treats, or balls that have an irregular shape for unpredictable bouncing. This is a list of my favorites, all of which are available at at good prices. Check them out and see if one of these is the best ball for your dog!

Kong Biscuit Ball
The classic dog toy, this hollow, red rubber ball has four bone-shaped holes to allow it to be filled with treats for extra fun. As with all Kong toys, it is extremely durable and will last. Best ball for heavy chewers and dogs who need extra food stimulation.

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Glow for Good Ball
Barely squeaks in for under $10.00, but it had to make the list as my personal favorite ( and my dog’s). This hollow, rubbery ball also has a single hole for treats and is very durable. It has a number of unique features, it glows in the dark, it has a long-lasting minty aroma and all proceeds go to support canine service programs.

Jolly Pet Tug n Toss
This tough, rubbery ball comes complete with built-in handle. It’s the best ball for dogs who like a tug of war before they let you throw the ball again.

Starmark Day-Glo Everlasting Fun Ball
Like the biscuit ball, this extremely durable ball is designed to be filled with treats or food for interactive fun.

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff
At just 1 3/4″ high, this minty flavored, fruit-shaped toy is the best ball for small or toy breed dogs, even those who are fairly aggressive chewers.

OoMaLoo Hand Knit Squeaky Ball Dog Toy
This furry ball is covered with fluffy, polyester yarn and contains an industrial strength squeaker bladder that outlasts most traditional squeakers. It is the best ball for those slightly less aggressive chewers who still like a squeak.

Kong Squeakair Tennis Ball
Looking just like a tennis ball but with the added bonus of a squeaker and coverings more friendly to a dog’s teeth, this is the best ball for dogs who just want to chase and retrieve.

ChuckIt Fetch Balls
Real bouncy balls bounce more than a standard tennis ball.  ChuckIt Fetch Balls are made of natural rubber and are just about indestructible.  Works with the ChuckIt ball launcher.